What is an adjustable kettlebell?

The adjustable kettlebell is a type of kettlebell with a specific locking mechanism. It allows you to adjust and control the weight you want to lift. These type of kettlebells are already very popular among the masses. The simple design and functionality makes them quite effective for both professionals and amateurs.

Why is the adjustable kettlebell so popular these days?

If you are new in the weight lifting, you should follow a proper routine for beginners and keep on changing weight, as the time progresses. However, it must be mentioned upfront that weight lifters need to know what they are doing to achieve long-term goals. There is a better sense of control among users as they can balance the weight depending on individualistic preference. That is why the adjustable or flexible nature provides an extra edge in comparison to the standard kettlebell.

The single most influential aspect behind the phenomenal popularity of the best adjustable kettlebells is that they offers a flexible approach to fitness training. You can choose them based on weight. Standard kettlebells are considered to be heavy, costly and unresponsive to changing training techniques. Their low price is another important factor working in its favour.

Is the adjustable kettlebell only for weight lifters?

People from different walks of life can use the adjustable kettlebell for different purposes with equal effect. You do not have to be weight lifter to use it. If you wants to live a balanced life you can use them on regular basis. Moreover, it complements the present living style adopted by tens of thousands of people. You can save a lot of space and money by opting for kettlebell than any other weight lifting equipment. There is no need to pay for a gym membership when you can train at home by making a small investment.

How to choose the best adjustable kettlebell for me?

Because this is an equipment, which weight you can adjust (add and remove), we would recommend you to choose the following:

  • design
  • locking mechanism
  • range weight
  • material
  • price

The design

This is probably the most important thing you have to choose. The comfort of your grip depends on the design of the kettlebell and especially its handle. Remember that you have to swing with it. We do not want you to drop such weight on your floor, or worse, on your feet.

The locking mechanism

The locking mechanism is the heart of the adjustable kettlebell. It should be safe and easy to use at the same time. It would be good to choose such that you do not need a tool to unlock the weights. But at the same time it should have safe lock.

The range weight

The adjustable kettlebells comes in two ranges, for men and women. The weight range for men starts from 26-30lbs and the women's from 22-26lbs. You have to choose which weight you will be more comfortable with. You also have to decide the weight increases that will be available.

The material

What your kettlebell is made of really matters. We recommend you to avoid such made of plastic. It is better to choose either cast iron or steel.


First it's good to know your budget. When you already have decided the above, you would know what is the price range you fall in, then decide how much you want to spend.

Here at Adjustable Kettlebell, we have searched high and low to bring you the best adjustable kettlebell reviews. You will find workout routines and everything else you will need to transform your body into the solid sculpted physique you have always wanted! There really is no better way to build functional strength and solid muscle mass from head to toe in short but fun and varied workouts.

Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell Review

Rocketlock is one of the best adjustable kettlebells Buy Rocketlok from Amazon

The Rocketlok adjustable kettlebell has a distinctive, sleek, yet traditional kettlebell design that houses the weight cylinders inside each other, thus forming a unit that retains its shape and size at all levels of weight. Hence, your center of gravity is maintained no matter what weight you choose. This gives the owner power to adjust weights while retaining the feel of the authentic, fixed-weight kettlebells.

The body of Rocketlok is made from solid cast steel, bestowing it with the look of a traditional kettlebell. Moreover, the interior cylindrical weights, which are also made with steel, are easy to change while the cap is molded from polyurethane. This mechanism is robust, fail-safe and easy to assemble.

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Kettlebud Adjustable Kettlebell Handle Review

kettlebud-adjustable-kettlebell-handle Buy Kettlebud from Amazon

Looking for the best in adjustable weights? The Kettlebud adjustable kettlebell handle is fitness excellence incarnate. This innovative fitness equipment allows easy weight adjustment! The sleek design and locking mechanisms on the bar are a must have for any adjustable kettlebell. With it, no longer do fitness enthusiasts need to own a multitude of diverse standard kettlebells to increase weight resistance. Kettlebud works with grace and ease since its quick release pins secure level weight plates and allows users to undertake intense workouts.

If you want to use weight plates in your workout, Kettlebud adjustable kettlebell provides you with exactly what you need. It can support over 100 pounds of weight plates. Take a close look at these amazing specifications to find out if it is the right kettlebell for you.

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MiR Pro Adjustable kettlebell

MiR-Pro-Adjustable-Kettlebell Buy MiR Pro on Amazon

If you are looking for an adjustable kettlebell that will help you take your workout to the next level, then MiR Pro Adjustable kettlebell is ultimately your best choice.

The compact full-body workout adjustable kettlebell is among the best on the market. Upon purchasing this remarkable equipment, you get similar value to purchasing 4 or 5 standard kettlebells, something that will not only save you money but also a great deal of space as well.

Better still, you will not need a kettlebell rack for purposes of packing up all those weights. MiR Pro Adjustable Kettlebell comes with a wide handle designed to enable you get a firm grip on it while working out. With it, you can easily handle any extreme or mild lifts, swings and any other workouts.

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Where does the kettlebell comes from?

The standard kettlebell has been used for centuries as an aid to build monstrous strength and improve overall fitness levels. It is one of the most diverse pieces of weight training equipment in terms of the number of muscles used in each movement. It really do gives you an amazing full body workout!

Kettlebell workouts help you break away from the monotony of repetitive gym routines. They are fun and varied and you can literally carry it and workout anywhere! If its fat loss you are after kettlebells. They are just right for you and really give you the most for your buck. Strength training produces dense muscle mass which burns calories from fat stores all day long and increases your resting metabolism.

Bring Flexibility to Training Schedule

The science of staying fit emphasizes on the need to follow a customized approach to achieve desired results. The kettlebell brings a systematic approach for health-conscious individuals who know what to expect of the daily exercise regimen. This is an innovative concept to stay healthy without taking extra pressure, whatsoever.


Kettlebell training for beginners

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Kettlebell training for maximum results

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What is the Best Kettlebell Workout Schedule?

If you are considering using the sheer power of the kettlebell workout to get into the best shape of your life, you may be wondering how you are going to fit the training into your busy schedule. Are there differences between setting up a routine for kettlebell workout and setting up one for traditional weight workout?

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Top 5 Benefits of the Kettlebell Workout

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Get Rid of the Love Handles

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How to Lose Belly Fat Kettlebell Training

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3 Routines to Strip Off Abdominal Fat

Not numerous routines remove unwanted stomach fat faster than properly designed kettlebell training workouts. Their secret is within the way they work parts of your muscles and consequently the quantity of calories you’re able to melt away. The truth is, kettlebell training targets on making use of your powerful hip and also leg muscle groups.

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