Get Rid of the Love Handles

Are you getting tired of those ‘muffin tops’ you see hanging over your belt line? If so, you should consider Kettlebell Training, a great way to effectively reclaim your waistline! Here are listed some of the principles of Kettlebell Training and how they can help you to shed this unwanted body fat.

Kettlebell Training Builds Muscle

You’re probably wondering what building muscle has to do with burning fat. As you’ve probably realized by now, the older you get, the more difficult it is to keep weight off. This is because as we age, our lean muscle mass begins to lessen. This lean muscle mass plays a major role in the body’s metabolism and energy level.
Muscle is an active tissue which causes your metabolism and energy level to be higher, allowing your body to burn fat easier. As your body begins to lose muscle tissue, your metabolism decreases and so does your energy level.
As this takes place your body’s ability to burn fat is slowed down. This is precisely the reason why people gain fat as they grow older- they are losing lean muscle tissue. Kettlebell Training is a method which can be used to simultaneously build lean muscle tissue and also work out the cardiovascular system. This combination is very effective in building a physique which naturally burns body fat, and also in keeping your energy level and metabolism up.

Kettlebell Training and The Spot Reduction Myth

So will you have to use Kettlebell Training to do 600 heavy-duty ab exercises a day? This is what a lot of workout programs will tell you is needed to lose body fat from around your abdomen. However, this is based on a common misconception about how the body burns fat.
As the body begins to break down fat, it does not begin with the fat in the areas where you have been training your muscles. On the contrary, belly fat is one of the last types of fat to be removed from the body. This is because the midsection is one of the most convenient and safe areas for the body to store fat.
Because of this, even if you do hundreds of sit-ups a day you are only conditioning the muscles of the abdomen. In order to effectively burn the fat from those areas, it’s important to have a good cardiovascular routine and to work on building lean muscle on all areas of the body. As you do this, you will condition your body in such a way that it will naturally burn away fat.
Again, this is precisely how Kettlebell Training can help you to build a physique which will burn fat and keep it off. Once the fat around your midsection is the only fat left to burn, your body will be forced to get rid of it.

Getting Started with Kettlebell Training

Getting started with Kettlebell Training is much simpler than signing up for a gym membership or learning some complicated at-home workout. Kettlebells are so compact and the exercises are so thorough and versatile that you can do them from practically anywhere. Once you have your first Kettlebell Training program and set of Kettlebells, you can get started right away turning your body into a fat burning machine.

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