Kettlebell training for maximum results

Are you ready to sculpt the powerful, flexible and well toned body you have always wanted? If so, you may be wondering what are the best exercises for sculpting key muscle groups and getting impressive results quickly. Here are some powerful kettlebell training exercises that will set you on the fast track to success.

For the upper body

One of the most crucial exercises for the upper body is the kettlebell bench press. While the bench press is a common exercise for traditional strength and muscle training, the approach is a bit different when using kettlebells. Instead of using a weight bench, the exercise is done while lying face-up on the floor.

While executing the Kettlebell bench press, it is important to make sure the alignment of the feet, angle of the torso and positioning of the spine and buttocks are all correct. There are also specific methods for recruiting the lat muscle into the bench press motion, which will assure you achieve maximum upper body training.

As in the traditional bench press with regular weights, it is important to give the negative range of motion as much attention as the positive motion. Doing so can help you get twice the results out of your chest and shoulder training.

Other powerful exercises for the upper body are the renegade row, the one legged military press, and the get-up sit up. While there are many other options for the upper body, these are some of the most powerful for covering the basic motions and speeding your initial results.

For the lower body

Without a doubt, one of the hardest areas to really target when it comes to strength training is the legs. Fortunately, Kettlebell Training uses your own body weight in conjunction with the concentrated weight of the kettlebell. The pairing of your body’s weight and the kettlebells weight makes a perfect combination for building the muscles of the upper and lower legs. The most powerful and effective exercise for the lower body is the Kettlebell front squat. Unlike traditional squats, the Kettlebell front squat does not put any unnecessary strain on the lower spinal column, and is much less uncomfortable on the neck and shoulders. Instead, the Kettlebells are held in front of the body in a position which engages both the muscles of the legs and of the lower back, providing maximum results. In executing the Kettlebell front squat exercise, it is important to develop a personal ‘squat stance’ in order to get the best range of motion and to avoid injury.

The personal squat stance mainly involves the positioning of the feet and the legs and is going to be different for everyone. While it can take some time to determine this stance, there are Kettlebell Training programs which are specifically designed to that purpose.
Another great exercise for the lower body is the one legged dead lift. This exercise is much safer than the traditional dead lift and is equally effective in engaging the muscles of the lower back and the legs. There are also great Kettlebell Training options for working the front and back muscles of the calf.

Other Options

Kettlebell Training is a powerful way to exercise the muscles of the upper and lower body. In addition to building muscle, training with Kettlebells helps you gain speed and agility, while simultaneously boosting your metabolism to burn off unwanted fat.
There are also Kettlebell Training programs which are designed for specific real world applications, as well as workouts for training various body types. To get started, it is best to find an approach and a weight range which is best suited to meet your body type and personal training goals.

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