Kettlebud adjustable kettlebell handle

Kettlebud Adjustable Kettlebell Review

Are you looking for the best in adjustable weights? The Kettlebud adjustable kettlebell is fitness excellence incarnate. This innovative fitness equipment allows easy weight adjustment! Moreover the sleek design and locking mechanisms on the bar are a must have for any adjustable kettlebell. That is why with it the fitness enthusiasts no longer need to own a multitude of diverse standard kettlebells to increase weight resistance. Kettlebud works with grace and ease since its quick release pins secure level weight plates. This allows users to undertake intense workouts. If you want to use weight plates in your workout, Kettlebud provides you with exactly what you need. Let’s not forget to say that it can support over 100 pounds of weight plates. Take a close look at these amazing specifications to find out if it is the right kettlebell for you.


Kettlebud adjustable kettlebell Features

  • It fits all standard weight plates. This definitely makes it unique among the other top adjustable kettlebells on the market.
  • You can easily adjust it from 5 pounds to over 100 pounds for all your workout needs.
  • The dual grip handle provides superior control and reduces fatigue – even when you do extreme workouts!
  • The wire-lock steel pin allows fast plate change and holds weight securely in place. That way you will never have to worry about plates falling off.
  • It is developed from military grade 356 cast aluminium alloy. That is why it is durable and portable.
  • This gunmetal gray Kettlebud is definitely the most scalable, adjustable kettlebell you will ever come across on the market.
  • It is manufactured in the United States.


Kettlebud adjustable kettlebell Benefits

The Kettlebud is not like any other adjustable kettlebell on the market due to its quick and easy weight changing mechanism. This is the best kettlebell handle you will ever come across. Seems like the only legitimate competition comes from the MiR Pro Adjustable Kettlebell, which offers up to 80 pounds of weight resistance only. Unlike it, Kettlebud allows you to add as much weight as you can handle, offering over 100 pounds of weight resistance for the most avid enthusiasts.

Made of high quality and solid metal that accommodates even the toughest workouts, the Kettlebud Kettlebell guarantees you fast results like bulging triceps and flat stomach.


Corresponding Olympic weight plates are usually not included with purchase of the Kettlebud. The manufacturer cautions users to always ensure both pins are securely fastened prior to use.

At the time of this review, the Kettlebud adjustable kettlebell has five stars on Amazon and other online fitness equipment stores. As of yet, there are no negative experiences with the Kettlebud or whatsoever know to the people that use it. If you’re looking for the best in adjustable kettlebells, look no further. The Kettlebud Adjustable Kettlebell is just a click away on Amazon.
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