Performance Fitness Systems TB560 Adjustable Dumbbells with Stand


The Performance Fitness Systems TB560 includes two Turbo Bells, a complete exercise program and instructions and also includes the stand. The stand is constructed using sturdy steel and the weight plates are forged steel to give the product real durability. The easy slide feature of the Turbo Bells and ability for them to be adjusted to 23 different weight settings makes them idea for anyone working most any strength training program, weight trainers doing bench presses, curls, flies, shoulder presses or tricep extensions.

Performance Fitness Systems TB560 Features and Specifications

  • Two Turbo Bells
  • Durable cast iron weight plates
  • Easy Slide feature – quick change on weight settings
  • 23 different weight settings
  • 2.5-pound increments
  • Adjust from 5 pounds to 60 pounds
  • Solid and durable steel stand for easy storage
  • Complete exercise program and usage instructions included


Performance Fitness Systems TB560 Review

Compared to other systems in the same price range, the TB560 is a good value despite several issues users have reported. The Turbo Bells feel solid in a user’s hands and have a comfortable grip. As an adjustable weight product in this price range it would be difficult to find the same weight capability for the same price. The stand is of good quality and the consumer does not have to pay extra for it, as is the case with other brands. This performance system does give you the ability to work your fitness program as long as you are careful concerning the plastic covering the metal frame.

There have been several negative factors reported by users of the system including errors made by the company with the stickers marking the weights, wrong stand picture and instructions, which the last two issues may be connected to a possible change in product with the paperwork not being updated before shipping the product out to future customers. Users have also noticed that it can be a problem putting the bells back into the stand after your workout. This issue can be solved with a little creativity in how the weights are placed into the stand. The weight increments as designed by the company can be a little confusing as you try to balance out each weight for an even lift and typically turn out to be a 5 lb increment change instead of a 2.5 lb change as stated by the company literature.

The negative aspects of the Performance Fitness Systems TB560 product can be overcome with a lot of patience and creativity. Individuals making a purchase decision based mainly on performance ability and price will find it worthwhile to overcome these negative features.

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